The Arthaus Story

Luxury Boutique Hotel Accommodation in Dublin

Honouring the spirit of the world-famous Bauhaus school of art and design which aimed at uniting Art and People, the Arthaus Hotel exhibits a rich tapestry of art and design are woven throughout by a series of artists, craftsmen and skilled workers in a contemporary setting.

We have integrated an art trail throughout the property of pieces to delight the guest and stimulate thought about our context in the world at large. In the words of one of the most famous Bauhaus teachers, Paul Klee, “Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see.'' We hope it makes you see the world in a different way as well.

Our Luxury Boutique Hotel has been designed to be a stylish sanctuary with substance and a cheeky twist. On a monochrome backdrop, we have added layers of intense colours, geometric design elements and delicate naturalistic pieces that create together an unapologetically plush and opulent space for guests to enjoy

Our Suppliers

Field Day Co.

All of the Arthaus Hotel in room soaps are from the Field Day Co. 

One bright sunny day in 2001, we planted a seed in the heart of the Irish countryside.
We nurtured our seed with plenty of long hours, while the sun shone (a little!) and the rain poured (a lot!), and very soon our beautiful little homegrown giftware brand, Field Day Ireland, had sprouted.

With roots firmly planted in our Irish landscapes, wildflower woodlands and wind blown coastlines, Field Day Ireland’s scented candles, fine soaps, hand care and home fragrance collections reflect our wonderful natural heritage.

We use a fragrance content of 9% in our fine candles.
The industry average is around 3-5%.
Experience the difference for yourself...

Our candles are infused with fragrance -this means they will release the same lovely scent down to the last inch!

Our soaps, made from natural oils and glycerine, are triple milled, just like the French make their soaps. The result is a creamy, silky and long lasting bar of soap that won't disappear down the plughole!

Our diffusers are made with c 30% fragrance and use white fibre reeds to cast beautiful scent all over your home with lasting effect
All our products our finished and packed by hand in our warehouse in Co Down.

“My basic luxury is….
A summer field of sweet clover.
A cosy log fire on a winter’s day.
Stone walls covered in wild bramble and fragrant rose.
The sun on my face.
Freshly laundered linen.
The soothing sound of the sea.
A warm bath after a long walk.
The gentle glow of soft candle light. I
believe it’s the simple everyday luxuries that brighten your day.”
Alix Mulholland, Company Director