Multinational Companies Located Near Arthaus Hotel

Nearby Companies


7 minutes’ walk

Indeed SSG Office

4 minutes’ walk


5 minutes’ walk

Companies at the Silicon Docks

Dublin’s Silicon Docks, a nickname given to a Dublin Area populated with Tech multinationals and Startups is easily reachable from Arthaus Hotel in 10 minutes by public transport or car or in about 20 minutes on foot. Some of the companies in the area include:


5 minutes by car / 17 minutes’ walk

Google (Building GRCQ1)

10 minutes by car / 28 minutes’ walk

Facebook (Grand Canal Square)

9 minutes by car / 25 minutes’ walk

Airbnb (The Warehouse)

10 minutes by car / 30 minutes’ walk


10 minutes by car / 27 minutes’ walk

Nearby Conference and Event Centres

Aviva Stadium

10 minutes by car / 35 minutes’ walk

Convention Centre Dublin

10 minutes by car / 28 minutes’ walk