Multinational Companies Located Near Arthaus Hotel

Nearby Companies

The Arthaus hotel is located in the heart of Dublin 2, just minutes away from the major offices in the city centre. Centred around modern office blocks and converted great Georgian buildings. There are flexible office spaces situated in a number of buildings around the area. 


Found just off St. Stephen's Green, consultancy firm KPMG is just a 7 minute walk from the Arthouse Hotel. 

Indeed SSG Office

Located on the street parallel to the hotel, the Indeed SSG office block is less than a 4 Minutes walk away. 


Software giant Intercom have an office in one of the older office blocks, Stephen's Court which is a 5 Minutes walk from the Arthaus.

Companies at the Silicon Docks

Dublin’s Silicon Docks, a nickname given to a Dublin Area populated with Tech multinationals and Startups is easily reachable from Arthaus Hotel in 10 minutes by public transport or car or in about 20 minutes on foot. Some of the companies in the area include:

Google (Building GRCQ1)

Google has two locations in Dublin, one on Barrow street which is just 12 minutes by car or a 34 minute walk. Alternatively the GRCQ1 building is 10 minutes by car or a 31 minute walk

Airbnb (The Warehouse)

With an office in the iconic Raleigh warehouse, AirBnb is just10 minutes by car or a 30 minute walk from the Arthaus Hotel. 


10 minutes by car or a 27 minute walk


Tik Tok took over the old Twitter offices in 2022. X, formerly Twitter, still have a small area within this building. You can get here in 7 minutes by car or a 17 minute walk.

Nearby Conference and Event Centres

Dublin is an excellent city for conferences and events, with transport links from Dublin Airport, Ferry Port and major roads in and out of the city. 

Aviva Stadium

17 minutes by car or a 39 minute walk

Convention Centre Dublin

Nestled on the Dublin Quays, the Convention Centre has held hundreds of successful events from conferences to banquets and talks. The CCD is 19 minutes by car or a 32 minute walk away from the Arthaus Hotel.