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Luke McLeod | Last Updated 05 Oct 2023 | 5 Minute Read 

We all know that Dublin City is a special place when it comes to having the craic in the pubs. While we are no stranger to brilliant produce and fantastic chefs, at Christmas the pub is where most socialising happens.  

You may have checked out our Neighbourhood guide to bars and restaurants in Dublin City but let us bring you on an adventure to explore some of the best Christmas pubs in the city.  

Having a pint in the city creates excitement that triples around the festive season. From sneaking in for a quick one in Keogh’s to rambling the cobblestones around the Temple Bar there is no better time to explore Dublin’s food and drink culture. 

At the Arthaus we hope to inspire your stay in the heart of Dublin City Centre at Christmas. We want to help you find the best places to dine, where you can find the prettiest Christmas Light and offering you a warm and cosy room for your stay.  

Cosy Pubs in Dublin City

It may come as no surprise to you, in Dublin we have many types of pubs. Cosy pubs are unique in feeling like you are at home in front of the fire while also having enough hustle and bustle to keep you entertained by people watching.  

In just a short walk from the Arthaus you will find some of the cosiest pubs in Dublin. We love Keoghs, The Dawson Lounge and P Mac’s. Each of these have their own charm, and their own unique feel.  

Keoghs is a short 500m walk from our doors. When you enter you are greeted by a distinct chatter until you reach the bar. Once at the counter you instantly feel the welcome to this cosy home. Grab your drink and head towards the back into the sitting room.  

Not even 200 metres away from Keogh’s, you will find the Dawson Lounge. Nothing says a cosy Christmas pub quite like the smallest bar in Dublin. The Dawson Lounge holds about 40 people, has no TVs or loud music, and encourages conversation between friends.  

P.Macs could be your first call or your last on this whistlestop tour of festive pubs. Just 2 minutes from the Arthaus, this quirky bar offers a little more life than our earlier two. With board games played on long shared tables, the bar is very snug thanks to its low ceilings and dark lighting.  

This traditional pub is aptly decorated with intricately carved mirror frames, dark wooden benches are covered with red leather with ultimate cosy cushion underneath. The traditional snug brings the warmth from the heart to your table. The Long Hall is without doubt a must see on your festive adventure to Cosy pubs in Dublin City.  

Must Visit Christmas Pubs

Another important type of pub for this time of year are the Christmas Themed Pubs. These pubs go the extra mile in spreading festive cheer, wall to wall in coloured lighting. Garland hanging from every surface and an elf on the shelf popping from location to location.  

We love to spread the familiar cheer, and these three pubs are the perfect place to experience Dublin at Christmas time. There is a competition for the best decorations between a handful of venues...there can only be one winner.  

The Ginger Man

Dublin’s most decorated pub in 2022, which will be up for debate again this year, is just 15 minutes' walk from the Arthaus. Taking over a thousand hours to decorate the pub each year, this certainly sits in the category of a Christmas Themed Pub. The tradition started over 30 years ago and there are no signs of it stopping yet.  

Canter down to Fenian Street this festive season to experience the delight of walking into a magical escape. All the while sitting down for a drink and a bite to eat.  

Hole in the Wall

Another contender to Dublin’s Best Decorated Pub in 2023 will be the Hole in the Wall. Dating back to 1651, although we doubt the decorations do, “The Holer” is in the Phoenix Park. The longest pub in Europe certainly puts effort into their festivities.  

You are also welcomed to bring your dog with you to the Hole in the Wall. Walk through their Christmas decorations and discover the festivities on offer. Taking up to one month to decorate all 100m length of “The Holer” it would not be a surprise to learn that this pub is the most festive bar in Ireland! 

The Temple Bar

While not as dressed as the other contenders of this list, the Temple Bar area is a must visit during the Christmas Season. The pub itself has decorations, however the area is where the best action happens. Find the familiar cheer of Christmas on the cobblestones of Temple Bar for a lively holiday experience.  

Street performers regularly take centre stage at the square and perform Christmas Carols for all to enjoy. While the council hang stunning visual lighting from the buildings. Each window will be filled with decorations in the boutiques, antique shops, and retro stores. This area makes for ideal Christmas Shopping trips!  

Stay and Save at the Arthaus Hotel

Take the stress out of travelling and stay in Dublin’s Shopping District, just seconds form one of Ireland’s most well-known parks.  

Enjoy a luxurious overnight stay in one of our boutique rooms in the heart of Dublin. Inspired by the best of the Bauhaus Art Movement our stylish and creative rooms are the perfect touch of luxury to begin your Dublin journey. 

Our artwork in the Boutique rooms features works inspired by the Bauhaus teacher Wassily Kandinsky, often hailed as the pioneer of abstract art. In his own words, ‘’Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. 

Stay two nights at the Arthaus Hotel and get €20 off per night.  

Dublin City Winter Lights 2023

While trailing along the city from one festive pub to a cosy Christmas pub and so on, look up at the decorative lighting shining brightly from the buildings and streetlights. Dublin City Winter Lights will shine from mid-November until New Years Day.  

This year will see the return of popular locations such as Merrion Square Park and will see the introduction of new installations in Smithfield Square, Dublin Docklands, Bridgefoot Street Park, The Spire, and the river Liffey. 

The beauty of these historic illuminations encourages a walk between your destinations.  

Restaurants for Christmas Lunch

Meeting for lunch is a perfect start to a day out in the city. There is lots of restaurants offering Christmas Set Lunches, or simple express a la carte options in the city. Some fine restaurants to check out for set lunches would be Dax, Ely & Bow Lane.  

Restaurants in Dublin offer a wide variety all year round. When you are staying in the Arthaus you are never far from tasty food. The Arthaus is a boutique 4 Star hotel located in Dublin city centre near St. Stephen’s Green and Grafton Street. The perfect base to discover Dublin and Ireland. 


Maybe traditional Christmas lunch doesn’t work for your group. Try an authentic South American experience, Zampas Bar and Restaurant near Stephen's Green.  

This venue, which is located within the Hard Rock Hotel in the Temple Bar area, is just a 10-minute walk from the Arthaus Hotel. The restaurant offers a delightful mix of locally sourced ingredients and unique South American flavours to really transport you to the other side of the world.  

Enjoy rockstar memorabilia while the chef creates a culinary masterpiece with items like the Butcher Block, a carnivore’s lust, and the Papa Rellena are a must to start.  

Don't forget to try the signature cocktail Cuba Libre to really complete the experience. This is a great place to visit if you are looking for something different during your stay in town. 

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The Wrap Up

If you are on holiday in Dublin, you do not have to go far to find the fun. Especially in the festive months, Dublin’s pubs and restaurants are packed with lively tunes, cosy pints, twinkling lights, and flowing conversation.  

The Hole in the Wall Pub and The Ginger Man Pub will compete this winter to be named Dublin’s most decorated pub, and we will be happy to stop into both to compare the venues ourselves.  

Booking a stay at the Arthaus Hotel is a fantastic way to sign off the festive season, explore the town’s food and drink culture while soaking up the heat of the fire in one of Dublin’s best pubs.  

FAQ - Christmas Pubs in Dublin

We recommend Keoghs, The Dawson Lounge and P Mac’s. Keoghs is a 500m walk from the Arthaus, The Dawson Lounge is 200m away and P.Macs is just 2 minutes away.  

The Dawson Lounge is unique in that it is Dublin’s smallest pub. It holds about 40 people, has no TVs or loud music, and encourages conversation between friends.  

We recommend The Ginger Man, The Hole in the Wall, and The Temple Bar. These pubs go the extra mile in spreading festive cheer, with wall to wall in coloured lighting, garland hanging from every surface and an elf on the shelf popping from location to location.  

P.Macs is the closest pub to the Arthaus and is just a 2-minute walk away.  

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