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Ah the Christmas Panto is back...Oh yes, it is! Pantomimes are extremely popular theatre performances that encourage interaction and engagement with the audience. Sing a long, shout back and maybe even stand up and dance. The Christmas Panto is an excellent bit of entertainment for all the family. 

Kids eyes sparkle as some of their favourite characters from film grace the stage and ask them to take part in the big show. Some of the biggest venues like the Olympia or Gaiety Christmas panto put on an incredible show. While smaller and new venues offer brilliant value for entertainment.  

Attending a Panto is a long standing Christmas tradition in many families in Ireland. While a lot of the shows never change, that does not stop thousands of families from returning to their favourite Christmas pantomimes each year.  

Let’s Take a look at 7 Christmas Pantos in Dublin

 There are, generally speaking, hundreds of Christmas pantos to choose from each year if you include local productions and low budget community hall shows. These are brilliant ways to visit many of the productions. However, when it comes to professional productions in some of Dublin’s famous theatres, visiting the Christmas Panto is a brilliant festive activity.  

Pantos are a unique offering of adult humour paired with the storyline of a children’s classic. While the show is rehearsed, the panto brings a certain amount of chaos that just entertains anybody there to enjoy it.  

In 2023, there are 7 productions that are set to take place in some of Dublin’s finest venues.  

Olympia Theatre Christmas Panto - Olly Polly & The Magic Lamp!

Before reading on, the Olympia give out a very serious warning about the Christmas Panto!  

“If you are a sourpuss, a scrooge, a spoil sport or a bah humbug we advise you to STAY AWAY from 3OLYMPIA PANTO as you might actually end up enjoying yourself!” 

The rethink of the classic “Aladdin” includes a script of magic and mayhem. With glittering visual production, Olly, Polly and the magic lamp offers imaginative sets and sensual special effects. The show will also have some high energy tunes, written to get the audience involved.  

The show runs from the 20th of December until the 7th of January and include morning, matinee and evening shows. Offering suitable times for every age to enjoy the stage. 

The Olympia is just a 10 minute walk from the Arthaus hotel with plenty of dining options along the way.  

Gaiety Theatre Christmas Panto – Cinderella

One of Ireland’s most historic Pantos is just 200 metres from the door of our hotel. The Gaiety theatre has hosted a Christmas Pantomime since 1873, and 150 years later it is no different!  

The Gaiety Panto is long a tradition of families in Ireland. Many travel to stay in Dublin over the Christmas season just to experience another year of the panto.  

This 150-year celebration panto is one of the most loved kids' fairytales, Cinderella! This modernised show is filled with song, dance, mesmerising costumes, and magic. Running from November 26th until January 7th the Panto is a must see when you are staying at the Arthaus. Attending a Panto at the Gaiety is the perfect start to a Christmas break at the Arthaus. Why not indulge in some Christmas Shopping, or stop by one of the many bars and restaurants before the performance.  

And don’t forget, this is no ordinary Panto… It’s the Gaiety Panto…! 

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Helix Christmas Panto – Treasure Island

The Helix Panto is offering a brand new show in 2023! Treasure Island explores the story of Long John Silver captain of a pirate ship from Smuggler’s Cove.  

Set on board the Admiral Benbow, this Pantomime is full of hearty cheer, scarily good comedy and sea shanty music! 

The Helix Panto runs from November 24th to January 14th and offer a sensory show on the 29th of December. This year’s show will be as fun and magical as always!   

Liberty Hall Panto - Rapunzel

Nestled into a fabulous theatre packed with history, Rapunzel the Pantomime is a ‘hair-larious’ fairytale. Rapunzel is the daughter of the King and Queen who gets kidnapped and locked away!  

The familiar Liberty Panto team fight to help Rapunzel escape the tower in this side splitting stage show. With a run of 19 shows over 13 days, there is plenty of opportunity to check out this show.    

Sammy Buffy & the Beanstalk – The National Stadium

Known as “The Country’s Best Panto” this panto is entering its 25th year. With a script that changes every year, this star studded panto wows audience members each time they go.  

Reprising the role of Sammy and Buffy, Alan Hughes & Rob Murphy collaborate with some of Ireland’s favourite stars to deliver this show stopping performance at the National Stadium.  

The National Stadium Panto runs for more than 4 weeks, and a number of shows are sold out already so act quick.  

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Sleeping Beauty - DLR Mill Panto

Known as “The Country’s Best An express panto has hit the stage in Dundrum’s dlr Mill theatre. Sleeping Beauty’s story of magical Fairys, dastardly deeds and a show stopping attempt to break the Maleficent’s curse runs for one hour.  

dlr Mill Theatre’s 60-Minute panto is filled with creative costume designs, sparkling songs, dazzling dance routines and enough laughs to keep the whole family entertained. 

Beauty & the Beast – The Lark Panto

The Lark is Ireland’s newest theatre and is yet to be officially opened. This December, the Lark launches its first Christmas Pantomime. This Panto will be like no other in Ireland with a fully immersive experience for audiences the moment they step inside the lobby of the Concert Hall. 

Tickets for the Lark Christmas Panto are on sale now, with 17 days' worth of shows. With some expecting this Panto to be one of the most talked about shows of this season, it is a good idea to get a ticket before they are gone.  

The Wrap Up

Coming to Dublin for a Panto is a brilliant treat for the family, and staying in the Arthaus takes the strain out of travelling. Pantomimes are a fun and interactive show for all of the family and creates unique festive memories.  

Each year, Dublin offers a variety of shows from the 150 year anniversary of the Gaiety Panto to the never seen before Lark. You are sure to find a show for you and the family.  

The Arthaus is a boutique 4 Star hotel located in Dublin city centre near St. Stephen’s Green and Grafton Street. The perfect base to discover Dublin and Ireland this winter. Check out our deals on winter breaks to Dublin now.  

FAQ - Christmas Panto in Dublin

There are several venues in Dublin where you can find a Christmas Panto. These include The Gaiety Theatre, The Olympia Theatre, The Helix Theatre, Liberty Hall, The National Stadium, DLR Mill Theatre and The Lark.

Characters often included in a Christmas Panto are Cinderella, Rapunzel, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty & the Beast. 

Christmas Pantos are suitable for all ages, including children, adults and seniors. 

Ohhh Yes There Is.... there is often audience participation involved in Christmas Pantos, such as answering back to the stage, singing and dancing. 

The cost of tickets for a Christmas Panto varies depending on the venue and production, but generally range from €15-45. 

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