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Zampas Restaurant Building

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To many, Ireland is one of the best food producers in the world. Our dairy is held in the highest regards. Kerrygold Butter is a firm favourite of Kourtney Kardashian, Oprah, Stanley Tucci and even Sarah Jessica Parker! In Ireland, we’re firm fans of our butter, however there are some incredible growers, farmers and brewers in this city too.  

When you come to Ireland, you come to the home of quality produce. You can find this produce on the plate in almost any restaurant you walk in to. I am singling out some of my favourites rather than the best... As I am still working my way through Dublin’s best restaurants near stephen’s green. 

Irish Food Trail

No better way to sample Irish food than by visiting not just one but multiple traditional pubs and restaurants. If you need some help finding the best places, joining an Irish Food Trail Tour might just be your best choice.  

Discover traditional Irish foods and drinks with your group of friends and/or meet new people along the way.  

If you’re interested in Ireland’s rich history of distilling, the Whiskey Trail is another great tour to take while you’re here. Taste handpicked Irish whiskeys in the company of some of the local experts to get the best tasting experience. 

Restaurants near Stephen’s Green

Dublin has a number of new openings every month, and sadly some closings too. This presents an ever-changing restaurant scene. Currently, Dublin has everything from a 2 Michelin Star to burger bars. I will hand pick six restaurants that go against the grain to the normality of dining in Dublin.   


One of Dublin’s newest arrivals brings New York style pizza by the slice to the cobblestoned streets. Bambinos comes highly recommended from a lot of Dublin’s press, and I am no different.  

Pizza by the slice is the perfect accompaniment to discovering Dublin on the go. You can choose from slices to eat on the go or grab a whole pie to indulge at the counters or bring to your room.  

A personal favourite is to grab a whole pie, and wander across the street to Stephen’s Green Park, sit on the leafy grass and watch the world pass by a slice at a time.  

As you can see, I got the Sausage and Peppers slice. One was certainly enough as I grazed my way across to Loose Cannon in Georges Arcade. However, two will do for dinner.  

Zampas Restaurant

Moving away from New York cuisine, let's go to an exhilarating mix of locally sourced ingredients and authentic South American flavours, the Zampas Bar and Restaurant is near Stephen's green, but it will transport you to the other side of the world.  

All, while staying in the beautiful Temple Bar area and under 10 minutes’ walk from the Arthaus Hotel. Nestled in the Hard Rock Hotel, you find yourself surrounded by rockstar memorabilia while the rockstar in the kitchen cook their hearts out.  

I really enjoyed the Peruvian Chicken here, and to start I had the Papa Rellena. Both dishes were washed down nicely with the signature cocktail Cuba Libre! If you’re in town for a couple of days and want to try something different then Zampas is the place for you.  

Market Bar

A short stroll away from our hotel, you’ll find one of Dublin’s favourite Tapas Restaurants, the Market Bar. While also a great place for a drink, it's delicious Tapas offering makes for a perfect late lunch or early dinner, meanwhile its no-loud-music policy will allow you to discuss all your favourite experiences in Dublin so far. 

The Market bar offers an extensive tapas menu, along with brunch, sharing plates, bar food and group menus. One dish you must enjoy while there are the mussels. A rich saffron cream will be enough to bowl you over on your vacation in Dublin.  

Fade Street Social

Across the road from the market bar, you will find Fade Street Social, in my opinion one of the top Restaurants near Stephen’s Green. This hearty bistro is a more up market than most, but it really is worth the visit. The rooftop cocktail bar is a perfect pre dinner space for a drink.  

Before you enter the dining, room and have your jacket taken. You walk downstairs to the sunken dining room to the clash of the kitchen above you. A large chalkboard hangs in the kitchen with the cuts of beef available for the night.  

If you are in town for a special occasion, Fade St is a perfect venue for dining. The menu has an excellent selection of fish, veggies, and of course pure Irish beef.  


Saba is located a brief 5 minutes’ walk from our hotel. This award-winning restaurant and cocktail bar serve delicious Thai and Vietnamese cuisine and equally tasty cocktails.  

Lofty ceilings and long dining tables welcome you into this taste of Asia’s finest ingredients. Saba is a perfect destination for eating out with dietary restrictions. They offer Wheat, Paleo, Vegan, and Soy free dishes. All dishes on the menu are dairy free too.  

Stop for a quick lunch before you explore Dublin’s Attractions or enjoy a delicious dinner a leisurely walk from your comfortable hotel room. Maybe stay for a delicious cocktail before heading out, it is up to you! 


The final stop on a food tour around Dublin for me would be Reyna. You will find that Dublin’s Culture of food has brought our city a range of different cuisines. This restaurant is no different.  

Coming from an uncle and Nephew from Turkey, Reyna brings middle eastern flavours of Mezze and charcoal grill to Dublin.  

This is a very casual location and perfect for stopping by and grazing for a half hour while you pick out your next stop on the art trail, or making your way back to the Arthaus hotel.  

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Bars near Stephen’s Green

It’s likely that if you are coming to Dublin, you already know about our bustling bar trade. From a visit to the Guinness Storehouse to a rocking night in the temple bar, Dublin has pretty much every kind of venue available.  


Before you leave the hotel, sip on a stunning cocktail or a beautiful bottle of wine in Laszlo’s bar. Choose to draw a stool up to the counter and watch our expert bartenders shake your martini.  

Gather around a table and enjoy people watching and one of our wines.  

Zampas Bar

Hop in for a drink in one of Dublin’s newest and most exciting bars, located in the Hard Rock Hotel Dublin, just 10 minutes’ walk from Arthaus Hotel.  

Similar to the restaurant, Zampas Bar offers some delicious South American flavours, like their signature Pisco Sour, a cocktail of Peruvian origin. Keep an eye out, as Zampas Bar is home to some great live music events. 

Temple Bar

If you’re looking for a memorable night out in Dublin, look no further than Temple Bar.  A brief 10 minutes’ walk from Arthaus Hotel, you’ll find the famous cobblestoned neighbourhood filled with some of the best Dublin pubs, restaurants and oceans of people enjoying themselves.  

Visit the famous The Temple Bar pub, where you can enjoy live traditional Irish music 7 nights a week or enjoy one of the many other great bars in the area. When you visit, make sure it’s dark out to get the perfect photo of the pub illuminated!  


From Dawson Street to a Parisian Street Garden, Café En Seine is a beautiful Dublin Venue with multiple bars and dining areas.  

Easily changing from a 5-star dining experience to a popular nightclub, Café En Seine will keep you occupied for the whole evening. Located a short 5 minutes’ walk from our hotel, you won’t even have to worry about catching a taxi. 


Just off St. Stephen’s Green and a short walk from our hotel, our guests will find one of Dublin’s best known pubs. O'Donoghue's boasts a rich heritage and history, attracting some of the best traditional musicians. Visit any day of the week for a great live session. 

Make sure you put in the right location, there are two O’ Donoghues and while both of them are very good. The Merrion Row venue pips it for me. The beer garden has a covered roof making it a great stopping point any time of the year!  


A few steps from Arthaus Hotel, you’ll find one of Dublin’s most characteristic pubs and restaurants near Stephen’s Green, with live Irish Music seven nights a week. With the likes of the famous Irish band, Kodaline praising their Guinness, The Hairy Lemon is the place to be.  

Feeling hungry? Don’t hesitate to try some of their delicious Irish specialties like the Beef and Guinness Pie or the Famous Dublin Coddle. I’d highly recommend the coddle if it is your first time in Dublin. A great tradition with each recipe passing down through generations. This famous dish fits into Dublin’s culture and you will not find it outside the county.  


Looking for an award-winning Irish pub? Visit The Stags Head, the winner of Ireland’s Best Traditional Pub of 2019 and a bar beloved by locals and tourists alike.  

This Victorian pub is full of history and culture mixed with great entertainment and delicious drinks, including their famous pint of Guinness. Give it a go! The Stag’s Head is located less than 10 minutes’ walk from the hotel. 

The Wrap Up

Restaurants near Stephen’s Green are easy to come by, however finding the right place to dine can be difficult with so much choice. I’ve taken my time to pick some of my favourite locations for you to enjoy on your stay at the Arthaus hotel.  

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