Dublin Art Galleries

Couple looking at paintings in the National Gallery of Ireland

The National Gallery of Ireland

The National Gallery of Ireland is home to a collection of Irish and European art, covering all major schools. Offering free access to their permanent collection, a visit to the National Gallery of Ireland can be a rewarding experience, without any cost. Planning a visit? Don’t hesitate to check out their offer of guided tours or take a virtual tour to prepare for your visit. The National Gallery of Ireland is located less than 15 minutes’ walk from the Arthaus Hotel.

The Douglas Hyde Gallery

Located at the south end of Grafton Street and beside St. Stephen’s Green Park, Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre offers a sanctuary for shopping enthusiasts. Its beautiful interiors combined with its shops, offering anything from clothing, accessories and food to exceptional items like Irish Knitwear provide a unique and relaxed shopping experience. This shopping centre has something for everyone. Art lovers will find the Green Gallery on the top floor especially intriguing.

Dublin City Gallery – The Hugh Lane

Open Tuesday to Sunday the Hugh Lane Gallery is a Dublin Gallery with a great history and amazing exhibitions. Boasting permanent collections as well as temporary exhibitions, the gallery focuses on both Irish and international artists. One of their most intriguing permanent exhibitions includes the studio of Francis Bacon, which was carefully relocated from London with all of its content, resulting in a never seen before comprehensive database of the entire contents of a world famous artistst’s studio. Ever dreamed about visiting a famous artist’s studio? Now you can do it and only a short walk or drive away from Arthaus Hotel.