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Trinity College Dublin Library

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Our boutique hotel is found right in the heart of Dublin, next to a lot of the Dublin tourist attractions within the city. We’ve made the ultimate guide of the best tourist places within walking distance to the Arthaus hotel. You can crush your step's goal while visiting Dublin’s top attractions all in one go.  

Dublin has a history over a thousand years, undergoing three names in that time too. It’s filled with boutique hotels, quaint cafes, art and museums, tourist places, cultural attractions and a whole lot in between! A vacation to Dublin is sure to whet your appetite for a fine time, and with our guide of must-see tourist attractions you’ll find it hard to go wrong.  

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St. Stephen's Green

At just 200 steps to the front of the park, this may seem very short. However, with over 27 acres of green space to roam around your steps will add up quickly. Inside the gates of the park there are several local attractions to find. From stonework monuments on the opening arch to beautifully cast statues and busts spread throughout the pathways.  

Download this guide to the park’s monuments.  

Located at the south end of Grafton Street and beside St. Stephen’s Green Park, Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre offers a sanctuary for shopping enthusiasts. If you can’t find the store you’re looking for, try shopping on Grafton Street itself. You will find a huge variety of stores.   

It's beautiful interiors combined with its shops, offering anything from clothing, accessories and food to exceptional items like Irish Knitwear offer a unique and relaxed shopping experience. This shopping centre has something for everyone. Art lovers will find the Green Gallery on the top floor especially intriguing. 

Trinity College Dublin
(Book of Kells)

Just over 1100 steps from the Boutique Arthaus, Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest and most visited university. With several tourist attractions in the ground with famous artistic backgrounds. Trinity College has a few notable figures like Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, and painter Nathaniel Hone the Younger. Also, the filming location of many dramas and movies notably Normal People.  

Take a walk on the grounds of the university or opt for a guided tour for a more educational experience that includes discounts to Dublin’s must-see attractions, the Old Library and the Book of Kells Exhibition. Depending on your interests, other things to do at Trinity include a visit to the Science Gallery or the Zoological Museum, both found on Campus. 

The Book of Kells is a 9th century manuscript that was produced over a 200-year period. It is permanently on display in the Long Room library. A specialist turns the page of the book roughly every 8 weeks, so if you have visited this attraction before, the chances are it will be a different page on your next visit. The Long Room library is synonymous with both Harry Potter and Star Wars fans, even though it was not used in filming.  

Dublin Castle

The Historic site of Dublin Castle is a visitor attraction with much to offer. At just 1250 steps, or 13 minutes, from the Arthaus.  

Visitors can access parts of the castle like the State Apartments, the Medieval Under croft or the Chapel Royal. Each representative of a different part of Irish history. Other things to do in Dublin Castle include visiting some of their available exhibitions or the Chester Beatty Museum, found on castle grounds.

If you need a quick pick me up, the Dubh Linn Tea Rooms, located in Dublin Castle is the perfect place for a delicious cake and a homemade lemonade. One of Dublin’s most love literary and Dracula author Bram Stoker worked as a civil servant in Dublin Castle.  

Chester Beatty Museum

Home to one of the best museums in Europe, according to the Lonely Planet, the Chester Beatty is an engaging and welcoming space. It hosts temporary and permanent displays of manuscripts dating thousands of years. This museum is a must stop for artists who love to discover ancient arts and secret traditions.  

We are proud of our art heritage in the Arthaus Hotel. We have integrated an art trail throughout the property of pieces to delight the guest. Stimulating thoughts about our context in the world at large. Dublin also has a number of art galleries for tourists to visit.  

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Guinness Storehouse Visitor Experience

While a little further out, this must-see attraction should be pencilled into your route. It’s worth the 2600 steps, and the pint at the top is surely a nice treat.  

As they say in the storehouse “Every great visit to Dublin starts here” and while we’d argue that your perfect Dublin trip should start in the Arthaus Hotel, we certainly recommend a visit to the home of the black stuff, one of Dublin’s most popular attractions.  

The 7 floors of the Guinness Storehouse offer something for everyone, from hard core Guinness fans to those who’d prefer to eat something delicious and enjoy the beautiful views of Dublin. Pour your own Guinness, learn about the history of Ireland’s most iconic beer or take a picture in the famous Gravity Bar. The Guinness Visitor Experience regularly makes it into the top 3 tourist attractions of any guide.  

Jameson Distillery

Once you’re over by the Liberties, Smithfield has a lot to offer. If you’re going direct from our Boutique hotel, you can rack up 2300 steps to the distillery. The distillery is a casual 20 minutes’ walk from our hotel, an ideal distance to discover Dublin on foot, while also accessible by public transport. 

Experience Jameson like never before, with a range of available unique experiences to suit everyone’s taste. Join a tour and whiskey tasting, learn to make delicious cocktails or take a whiskey blending masterclass.  

This is just one of many distilleries around the Liberties, and you should take some time to explore around one of Dublin’s booming areas.  

Irish Rock n Roll Museum

When you come to Ireland, you walk in the footsteps of music legends from Phil Lynott to Rory Gallagher. If you don’t have time to catch a show whilst you’re here, then don’t worry. The Rock n Roll Museum is the only one of Dublin’s tourist attractions that makes you feel like a rockstar! 

Found in one of my favourite music venues, the Button Factory is in the heart of Temple Bar. The visitor experience takes you backstage to see the facilities that the stars in Rock n Roll Hall of Fame use. After you experience the green room, head on stage and stand in the footsteps of Hozier, Nile Rodgers, Bell X1 and so much more. 

You’ve soaked up the atmosphere of the stage, now it is time to record your hit songs. Temple Lane Recording Studios is the next stop on your tour. These studios have produced tracks for Paolo Nutini, The Script and even Rihanna.  

 This tour is a must stop for any tourist or local when they are searching for some of the best Dublin attractions. It’s open 7 days a week, with tours taking place from 10.30am and lasts around 60 minutes.  

Christ Church Cathedral

Nestled in the Viking quarter, Christchurch is one of Ireland most historical and sacred place for tourists to visit. Just a little over 1100 steps from the Arthaus, this walk will take you about 10 minutes and meanders past some of the other tourist attractions on our list.  

The cathedral is an architectural masterpiece and still works to this day. Hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered around every corner of the cathedral. From Strongbow’s final resting place, the heart of St. Laurence O’Toole, a rare copy of the Magna Carta and the famous mummified cat and rat.  

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Phoenix Park

The Phoenix Park is Dublin’s largest park, and it is home to some of the most loved tourist attractions also. While it is a little over 3850 steps from the hotel, the walk will take you through Dublin tourist places like the Liberties, Christchurch and Smithfield. Inside the Phoenix Park, you will find much more than a park. It is home to the Irish President, the American Ambassador’s resident, Dublin Zoo and much more.   

The easiest way to explore all of the Phoenix Park is by bicycle. With several rental options in and around the park, you will find a deal. Choose your route and begin to explore this action packed parked filled with attractions.  

Dublin Zoo 

Dublin Zoo is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Dublin with kids. Officially the biggest family attraction in Ireland, Dublin Zoo offers the perfect way to kill a few hours with the kids in Dublin! The Zoo is the fourth oldest in the world!   

If you are planning to pay a visit to every animal habitat in the zoo, then you should set aside at least three hours to make your way around the vast 28-hectare site, and possibly longer if you plan to take a break for some food and refreshments.   

Travelling in Winter? Why not visit the Wild Lights attraction at Dublin Zoo. This immersive experience brings fairy tales to life in the heart of the phoenix park.   

Áras an Uachtaráin 

The home of the President of Ireland, known in Irish as Áras an Uachtaráin is visited regularly by tourists to Ireland. There is an interesting myth to the design of the American President’s home. 

 Some historians have claimed that the garden front portico of Áras an Uachtaráin (which can be seen by the public from the main road through the Phoenix Park) was used as a model by Irish architect James Hoban.  

Hoban designed the White House in Washington, D.C. However, the porticoes were not part of Hoban's original design. They were added to the White House later by Benjamin Henry Latrobe. 

You can tour the President’s home. Each tour takes about an hour and fifteen minutes and is free of charge. Tickets are issued on a first-come-first-served basis from the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre. 

Furry Glen 

In the corner of the park, towards Farmleigh House, is an area known as the Furry Glen which has a number of walks centred on a small lake. The Glen is filled with birds, plants and wildlife. The jay, normally a rather shy bird, is common and conspicuous here. 

Magazine Fort 

The fort has a rich history that dates to the 18th century. Stretching over 2 acres and surrounded by a dry moat, the fort has a demi bastion on each corner. The fort was constructed with limestone and bricks with new additions added over the years. From the date of completion in 1735 until 1922 the fort was under Briting Armed Force control, before becoming controlled by the Irish Defence Forces. 

Now the Magazine Fort is a popular visitor attraction whilst out walking in the park. The OPW offer guided tours of the site, these tours are free but are very limited. However, there are a lot of free tours in the phoenix park which can be found on their website. 

The Wrap Up

Coming to Dublin as a tourist or staying in our Boutique Hotel as a local, Dublin has lots of tourist attractions to spend your days combing through. We’ve listed but a few of the best places to visit as a tourist but we also have guides on Cultural, Eateries, and much more.  

Travelling around Dublin on foot is a prime way to discover some tourist places while getting to your destination. The Arthaus Hotel is centrally located on Mercer St, just seconds away from Stephen’s Green.  

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Luke McLeod is the Arthaus Hotel’s travel and culture editor. Hand-picking must-see experiences, venues, places to eat in and much more for you to enjoy on your next holiday in Ireland.